“The last thing any women wants to experience is low quality lingerie in the mail that does everything BUT empower, or evoke confidence. What’s worse is our decades trusted high-street brands falling short with their ever evading quality (but ever increasing prices…?). We’re tired of lingerie that doesn’t sit right and the “designer” prices that break the bank. We need a solution to fill the gap.”

Our founder has passionately paved the way in direct to consumer quality lingerie at an affordable cost with Code Love Lingerie.

In working with the manufacturers directly, Code Love cuts out the middlemen expenses that take away from your bottom line. We source quality materials from trusted partners, and select innovative fabrics that radiate luxury.

It means that our customers don't have to compromise on quality to afford the luxury every women deserves. Fit to empower, inspire, and ignite your fire, our lingerie is made with purpose. It's our self love code.

Based in Montreal, QC, and in collaboration with international lingerie designers in France and the United Kingdom, Code Love stays ahead of the current trends and offers a wide variety of styles to women GLOBALLY.

Unlock Your Self Love Code


Lingerie, lounge, and swimwear that’s made for living, sleeping, dancing, protesting, adventuring, hustling, and being authentically YOU.