Finding the Right Lingerie to Perk Up Your Wedding During COVID

Finding the Right Lingerie to Perk Up Your Wedding During COVID

Getting married is a stressful process, no matter when you decide to get married!  Getting married during a global pandemic?  We know how stressful it can be.  So here are some ideas to narrow your search along with our favourite bridal lingerie products. Add some fun, romance and passion to your COVID wedding night.

Your wedding day might not be everything you imagined it would be.  So use your lingerie choices to make consummating the marriage feel like the exciting finale to the day you've had.  Whatever challenges you've encountered planning your wedding, your bridal lingerie can help you feel like the bride you've dreamed of being. 

Whether you're looking for something sexy, seductive, romantic or classic, we'll help you narrow down your options. 

Mimic Your Dress Style
A great way to carry over from the ceremony and reception, through to the nighttime activities.  You likely spent a good deal of time finding the perfect dress - why not match your lingerie?

Here are some of our favourite complimentary wedding dress styles:

Plunging Neckline - For the dramatic wedding look with a sexy feel.



Lace - For the classic wedding look with a romantic feel.


Retro - For the quirky or vintage feel.

Mimic Your Shoe Style
Maybe you spent even more time dwelling on the perfect strappy shoe to compliment your dress.  Maybe your partner is a big fan of strappy shoes.  Either way, here are some great options for getting that high class feel in your wedding night lingerie.

A Mix of Strappy & Lace


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Classic Strappy Teddy

Like a Peek a Boo Toe

Call Back to the Garter
If you're having a classic wedding with a garter, adding it to your night time lingerie wear will be a sexy call back to the tease of earlier in the evening.  If you skipped the garter tradition during the reception, giving it a callback in the bedroom is a sweet way to remind your love of the private tradition you're starting together.

Timeless Classic Romance
For someone looking for a traditional romantic look, to really tie up the fairy tale ending with a romantic bow, go for a classic look.  Bodysuits, lace, and above all else, confidence.

Classic Red Romance

Classic White & Lace

No matter what you decide to choose for your wedding night romance, remember that this day is all about you and your partner.  Choose something that will make you feel confident, enthusiastic and excited about the life ahead of you.

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